Identify productivity bottlenecks for analytics teams

reconfigured gives data teams the visibility you need to build the right things faster.

reconfigured ui

Understand data demand.

Spot recurring questions, themes & common misunderstandings. Understand how requests correlate with roadmap projects, which teams are underserved.

Support your data projects with metrics.

Bring hard evidence into budget and headcount discussions. Identify where your time is invested, and where you need more hands.

reconfigured ui
reconfigured ui

Stick to your workflow.

reconfigured is your silent sidekick that requires very little setup. We capture & process ongoing conversations & documentation while you focus on delivery.

Hidden discussions in DMs?
No problem.

Forward private messages to our AI-assisted insights engine. No need to play broken telephone games.

reconfigured ui

Capture & Share Domain Knowledge

Data work is hard as it is. Retaining every department's nuances in your head is mission impossible. Let us do the remembering for you.

Feel like chatting instead?

We're in early-stages of development and always looking to hear from analytics professionals. Catch us via our calendar below.