Behind every great business decision is a robust data set.

reconfigured enables data teams to automate time-consuming engineering tasks with a visual data modeling interface.


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reconfigured operates inside your data warehouse and transforms data into business insights.

Quickly enable visualizations with BI tools, automate product-led growth processes, and power feature development due to the robust domain layer powering all use cases.

The platform guides you in designing conceptual and logical data models and compiles the physical data model with every change you make. You can use any dbt or SQL macro to transform edge cases.

The first layer ensures incremental loading and historicization for your reports. Engineers can define guardrails for the allowed joins and join paths between sources.


Case Studies

Why our customer use reconfigured

Reconfigured has allowed us to organize our data in a way that helps us to reveal hidden behaviours from our day to day operations in almost real-time.
After our first meeting, they built my confidence by providing me with a run down of all the tools we'd need.
Eran Flicker, Senior RevOps Manager at Camunda
We turned to reconfigured because their tool & service allowed for automated and much quicker way to build dbt models for extensive data projects. Doing it manually ourselves would mean investing significant time in SQL coding, leaving a lot of room for mistakes.
The transparency and flexibility of the tool and the team sets reconfigured apart from other products. I can see – and understand – what's happening under the hood through the compiled code and even go beyond predetermined functionality by configuring their engine, chaining functions, and adding custom macros.
We gain learnings faster from our main system data with reconfigured. The platform gives us data engineering capabilities for in-housing data management.
Niko Sandell, CTO AT M Room
Building data transformation pipelines is surprisingly straightforward with reconfigured. Instead of repeatedly digging through a hundred raw data sources, I can analyze ten tables modeled towards our business use cases.
Eerik Puustinen, Data Analyst AT M Room

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