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We believe there is lot of untapped potential how companies, big and small - are working with their data. reconfigured is a tool bridging gap between data and business teams.

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funding from and individual angels. Read article of our funding here

Why reconfigured was founded?

Both of our founders have wrestled with data problems in one way or another and taken significant roles in scaling SaaS companies.

Our CEO Richard is a marketer who became a systems & integrations specialist in the B2B context. His previous job was to create growth engines: collections of tools, processes & data that allow companies to turn their strategy into tangible operations.

During his career, he has ripped and replaced three entire tech stacks while the companies were moving forward and growing fast. Because he got drawn into technical roles, he learned software engineering skills, and now he’s at a full-stack developer level.

The funny thing is - that Richard learned half of that skillset from the technical cofounder, Niko.

Niko is a fascinating character optimizing game strategies in FarmVille (yes, I know 😅 ) with spreadsheets already in his teen years. He has worked for ten years in data, started in analytics, and ended up as a full-stack data science engineer who can create scalable systems and work with massive data sets combined with machine learning models.

His skill set, formal education in systems and strategy, and hands-on experience as among the first 20 employees of 3 growth companies help him see technology through a business lens.

Founders of reconfigured, Niko Korvenlaita and Richard Makara. Photo by Jussi Ratilainen.
Niko Korvenlaita, Technical Founder and, Richard Makara, Commercial Founder.

Our history together

Lastly, a note of extreme honesty. Niko and Richard have been best friends since age 10. We met at a kindergarten in Matinkylä, Espoo, while picking up our respective siblings. For whatever reason, while staring at each other during the wait, we decided to become friends.

We have ever since been thick as thieves - survived middle school and high school together, and been together through heartbreaks, career struggles, shattered dreams, and exciting victories.

We care for each other above else. This is the promise we give to our team, too; nothing is more important than the well-being of the pioneers of this company.

Challenge we are here to solve

As companies attempt to grow and compete, they typically implement SaaS tools, such as Mailchimp, Netsuite, Salesforce, or Pipedrive, to match the challenges they are facing. Each new solution brings its data challenges. Before long, the same data meant to drive revenue becomes a serious bottleneck for growth.

"Before long, the same data meant to drive revenue becomes a serious bottleneck for growth."
Richard Makara, CEO at reconfigured

The explosion of SaaS companies has increased the competitive landscape in many industries. For this reason, companies have had to become more mature in their go-to-market approaches - requiring the product, sales, and marketing to be aligned and become more sophisticated than ever.

Commercial teams, especially those working in software businesses, have a significant want and need for utilizing data. For commercial teams to be successful, they need to adapt to achieve growth and serve their customers better. For example, implementing growth strategies such as Product-Led Growth and Account Based Marketing successfully requires data foundations to be in good shape.

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