Data models so good you
won't believe it.

reconfigured is a graphical interface to clean, combine and transform data into production-grade dbt SQL code.

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The reconfigured way to create and update data models

Graphical interface for data modeling

Make modifications to your data model with reconfigured graphical interface.

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No more tickets, just full ownership.

Generate a new version of your project’s production-grade dbt code and keep version history. Each update to the model is a new pull request for your GitHub repository, enabling versioning, quality control, and full ownership.

reconfigured platform presentation ui

Operate in your own data warehouse

The reconfigured output is data sets in your warehouse, which have been transformed, cleaned, and unified from multiple raw sources. Build dashboards, automation and AI on top of solid data foundations!

reconfigured platform presentation ui

Teams we have already helped

Product-Led growth for Camunda

“reconfigured enabled us to meet our product-led growth and reporting needs. We can use product and CRM data directly from our warehouse to drive actions, deliver product-qualified leads, and build trusted dashboards for our board & leadership teams.”

Eran Flicker, Senior RevOps Manager at Camunda

Eran Flicker,
Senior RevOps Manager at Camunda

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Faster way to build dbt models for Paddle

"We turned to reconfigured because their tool & service allowed for automated and much quicker way to build dbt models for extensive data projects. Doing it manually ourselves would mean investing significant time in SQL coding, leaving a lot of room for mistakes."

Vera Dimitrova, Growth Engineer at Paddle

Vera Dimitrova,
Growth Engineer at Paddle

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Powering Phaver's Machine Learning (Data) Pipelines

“The transparency and flexibility of the tool and the team sets reconfigured apart from other products. I can see – and understand – what's happening under the hood through the compiled code and even go beyond predetermined functionality by configuring their engine, chaining functions, and adding custom macros."

Tom Hämäläinen, CIO & Co-Founder at Phaver

Tom Hämäläinen,
CIO & Co-Founder at Phaver

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