How Paddle speeded up building dbt-models with reconfigured

In 2022 Paddle acquired ProfitWell for 200m. Merging the companies also meant combining two data systems under one roof.


Both companies had classic go-to-market tools: HubSpot, Salesforce, Outreach, Clearbit, a product database, and a customer data platform (CDP). The challenge was to migrate all of ProfitWell's data under Paddle's existing data warehouse-first setup without compromising data quality. Who was the owner of the project? Vera Dimitrova and Axel Ruiz from Paddle's Revenue Operations division rolled their sleeves.

“My job as a Growth Engineer at Paddle is to make sure meaningful customer data is flowing to various commercial tools in the most efficient way. It involves a lot of problem solving, data modelling and transformations with tools like dbt.”
- Vera Dimitrova, Growth Engineer at Paddle

Goal & Achievement

The goal was to be “One team, one dream - one system” by January 1st. We started our joint dbt project.

The objective was simple - model Profitwell’s data into a unified shape, clean irregularities, and figure out the optimal join paths for PERSON and COMPANY records.

Then - overlap those records against Paddle’s growth engine, and figure out which rows will be ported over to the combined Salesforce and HubSpot instances.

“We turned to Reconfigured because their tool & service allowed for an automated and much quicker way to build dbt models for extensive data projects. Doing it manually ourselves would mean investing significant time in SQL coding, leaving much room for mistakes.””
- Vera Dimitrova, Growth Engineer at Paddle
unified company SQL's


We also implemented multi-domain aliasing via Clearbit’s related domain data - and avoided a myriad of duplicate accounts created.

Parting words from Vera:

"Reconfigured's product takes this completely out of the picture, providing a reliable automated way to build models with just a few clicks. Using their tool gives us time to concentrate on other more important strategic aspects of a project."
- Vera Dimitrova, Growth Engineer at Paddle

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