Yeply makes data-driven decisions with embedded analytics

Beyond BI: Yeply's embedded analytics unlock data-driven decisions throughout the value chain.

Brief to the exciting business of micro-mobility maintenance

What happened in London describes the power of micro-mobility in big cities: Within a day, a van managed to deliver four packages with all the traffic jams, but an e-bike delivered packages to sixteen different destinations.

Yeply's B2B clients lease bike fleets for companies focusing on micro-mobility. Therefore, it is essential to have the fleets in great shape and know the maintenance status. After all, e-bikes are often the most significant operational assets of Yeply's customers

E-bikes sound superior, but there are bottlenecks to solve before we can reap all the benefits of micro-mobility: One needs to fix vans once a year, but e-bikes every month. On top of this, bikes are scattered around the city, whereas you can have one centralized place to fix all the vans. In conclusion, B2B bike fleet maintenance operations must be decentralized and efficient. Yeply is building a tech platform deeply embedded in their work to achieve operational excellence.

Reporting daily unit-economics for every bike-stop

Operational excellence comes from having the Yeply-van fixing the bikes in the right spot at the right time. When that doesn't happen, it is critical to learn swiftly the reasons why. Being able to follow the unit economics of every single van stop in real-time was Yeply's first use case for the reconfigured platform. The goal might sound simple, but the required business information is scattered to several different source tables - just as it should be while structuring software application data sets.

Yeply is a heavy user of reconfigured join resolver capabilities called Jump Points. After defining all allowed joins and join paths over multiple tables in one map, Yeply never has to do them again. Centralized control of all possible joins builds trust in the automation that delivers the complete data transformation pipeline. In technical terms, reconfigured generated dbt code powers the domain model in BigQuery. Updating the model prompts the reconfigured app to create a new version of the code package in Yeply's Git repository and dbt project.

Embedded analytics in Yeply's tech platform

With the powerful tech platform managing all maintenance actions, Yeply has a unique view of the value chain and what's happening with every bike. Yeply approach to building a tech platform showcases how data investments stack after building a solid foundation with a semantically structured domain layer.

The big decisions towards greener city transportation happen far from Yeply. Still, with clean data, Yeply has a positive influence: Logistics companies that need to decide between leasing a fleet of cars or e-bikes need to estimate costs upfront. Many of Yeply's customers are offering a lease of e-bike fleets, and seeing embedded analytics on the bike fixes will grow their understanding of how to price their services. While Yeply constantly optimizes lower costs, e-bike leasing services can offer an increasingly attractive alternative for gasoline-powered vans stuck in traffic jams.

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