reconfigured for data engineers

Don't get stuck on semantics; code more with reconfigured


Control what enters to the production.

reconfigured outputs code that can include your business-specific dbt & SQL macros. Review everything with Git version control before it enters production.


reconfigured as a part of your data stack

We operate on top of your dbt project, so you can keep your tools of choice for bringing data in and out of the data warehouse.


Your data stays untouched.

The platform only needs the schema files of the sources to build the model. reconfigured occupies one folder in your dbt project and only updates that content. When your dbt runs, we only create and update our data sets and do not edit anything else.

reconfigured in a nutshell

Powering Phaver's Machine Learning (Data) Pipelines

“The transparency and flexibility of the tool and the team sets reconfigured apart from other products. I can see – and understand – what's happening under the hood through the compiled code and even go beyond predetermined functionality by configuring their engine, chaining functions, and adding custom macros."

Tom Hämäläinen, CIO & Co-Founder at Phaver

Tom Hämäläinen,
CIO & Co-Founder at Phaver

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