Trust the reported numbers when you are making decisions


Holistic view of the metrics that matter.

Your BI tool runs with up-to-date information powered by reconfigured and not gathered manually from different systems.


Don't let resources slow your team down.

Data projects create business value faster because reconfigured automates a coding bottleneck where hiring rare talent has been the only way forward.


Get forecasts that hold.

reconfigured powers the insights that are presented in dashboards to the management. Centralizing metrics ensures revenue looks the same across all reports.


Unique reports crafted for your business.

Every possible report you can ask is 80% done because reconfigured has prepared the information based on your business logic from siloed systems.

What our users say

Uncovering Efficiency Improvements

Reconfigured has allowed us to organize our data in a way that helps us to reveal hidden behaviours from our day to day operations in almost real-time. So far we’ve been able to uncover many operational inefficiencies in our business and address those right away.

Erno Berger, Chief Product Officer, Yeply

Erno Berger,
Chief Product Officer, Yeply

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